Active Rock Radio Stations

Radio stations sorted by popularity

97.5 KMOD

Tulsa's Rock Station 

Rock 105.3

San Diego's ROCK Station 

98 ROCK Tampa

Tampa Bay's Rock Station 

101 WRIF

Everything That Rocks Detroit 

101.1 WJRR

Orlando's Rock Station 

100.7 WMMS

Cleveland's Rock Station 

107.9 KBPI

Rocks The Rockies 

KZRR 94 Rock

New Mexico's Real Rock 

97.7 The Rock Station

Rock Done Right! 

96.9 Z Rock

The BEST variety of rock anywhere! 

Rock 108

Iowa's Pure Rock 

103.7 WMGM

South Jersey's #1 Rock Station! 

93.3 WMMR

Everything That Rocks 

Punk Tacos Radio

Punk Rock from the 70s to now 

105.3 The Bear

The New River Valley's Rock Station 

KOMP 92.3

The Rock Station 

102.9 The Buzz

Nashville's Rock Station! 

105.7 The X

Central PA's Only Real Rock Station 


Minnesota's Rock Station 

Hard Rock 96.5 HD2

Houston's HarD Rock 

Solid Rock 94.1 WJJO

Madison's Solid Rock 

103.1 The Vulcan

Man Up, Birmingham! 

104.1 The Blaze

Pure Rock Alternative 

107.9 KBPI South

Rocks Colorado Springs 


97.9 X Rocks! 

Q105.1 Rocks

Q 105.1 Rocks! 

Rock 106.1

Savannah's Rock 106.1 

Rockin' 101

The Rock Station 

100.9-106.5 KROCK

It Just Rocks 

Rock Nation

Non-Stop Rock 

100.7 FM The Viper

Everything that Rocks! 

89.1 Ken's FM

Local Music & The Hottest Modern Rock On The Planet! 

X-Rock 101.1/103.5

The Rock Station! 

100.3 The Edge

Arkansas' Rock Station 

94.9 KROCK

It Just Rocks 

96 Rock

Cincinnati's Pure Rock 

99.5 The Beast

Brattleboro's Rock Station 

Rock 94 1/2

Spokane's Best Rock 

Rock Nation Top 20

Rock Nation's Biggest Hits 

99.7 The Blitz

Your Rock Station. 

93.5 KHY

Solid Rock 

BestNetRadio - 80s Metal

Internet Radio at Its Best 

Rock 102.1 KFMA

Tucson's Rock Station 

Rock 105 Chattanooga

Chattanooga's Rock Station 

The Wolf 94.5

Oklahoma's Best Rock 

102.9 The Hog

Everything That Rocks! 

93.5 The Beach

Delmarva's Rock Station 

95 WIIL Rock

Thee Rock Station