Adult Hits Radio Stations in the United States

95.5 The Mountain

We Play Everything in Phoenix! 

93.1 JACK FM

Playing what we want 

102.9 The Lake

Charlotte's We Play Anything Station 

95.7 BEN FM

Playing Anything We Feel Like! 

106.5 The Lake

Cleveland's "Play Anything" station 

100.3 Jack FM

DFW Adult Hits Radio Station 

95.7 The Spot

Your Place. Your Music. Your Way. 

100.3 The Bus

We Play Everything 

104.1 Jack FM

Playing What We Want 

iHeart90s Radio

Commercial-Free 90s Hits 

101.5 Big FM

We Play Anything! 

95.1/94.9 The Wow Factor

All the music you love 

96.9 BOB FM

We Play Anything! 

98.7 Simon

The Triad's #1 At Work Station 

102.7 Jack-FM

Playing What We Want for Baltimore 

102.5 The Lake

We Play Anything 

KNON 89.3 FM

The Voice of the People 

100.5 FM Louisville

Your Life On Shuffle 

93.1 The Mountain

World Class Rock 

96.5 JACK-FM

Playing What We Want in Seattle 

96.3 Jack FM

Playing What We Want 

93.7 BOB FM

We Play Anything 

Bob 106.3

80's...90's...& WHATEVER! 

Country 103.9

playing what we want 

93.3 The Bus

Columbus’ Play Anything Station 

92.9 Jack FM

Playing What We Want 

96.7 Steve FM

Columbia's Music Variety 

103.5 Bob FM

We Play Anything 

96.1 Bob FM

We Play Anything 

94.3 Jack FM Knoxville

Playing What We Want 

97.9/105.7 The Penguin

Vermont’s Chill Hits 

102.9 Bob FM

We Play Anything 

104.1 The Spot

We Play Anything | New Orleans 

104.9 STEVE FM

Roanoke's Random Radio 

105.3 Dave FM

Totally Random Radio 

92.1 BOB FM

Playing Whatever We Wan 

BOB 104.9

80s, 90s and Whatever 

100.7 Big FM

The BIGGEST hits 

101.1 Jack FM

Playing what you want 

96.1 BBB

Your Life. Your Music. 

98.1 The Lake

We Play Anything 

101.9 The Keg

#1 For Variety 

106.5 The Arch

It's All About the Variety 

107.3 Planet Radio

Jacksonville's Rock Station 

BIG 103

Music Unleashed 

102.7 Jack FM

Playing What We Want: San Antonio 


Playing What We Want 

104.5 Dave FM

Variety Radio Station 

100.7 BOB FM

Home of the 80's 

100.9 Jack FM

Playing What We Want - Jackson