Alternative Radio Stations in the United States


DC's Alternative Rock Radio Station 

94.5 The Buzz

Houston's New Rock Alternative 

ALT 98.7

LA's New Alternative 

105.9 The X

Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins 

106.7 KROQ

The World Famous KROQ 

ALT 104.5

Philly's Alternative Rock 

ALT 92.3 New York

New York’s NEW Alternative 

The New ALT 105.3

The Bay Area's Alternative 

Cities 97.1

Uniquely Twin Cities 

Smells Like the 90s

90s Alternative Radio 

Channel 93.3 Denver

Colorado Alternative 

106.5 The END

Charlotte's Alternative Rock 

Alt 102.1 Richmond

Richmond's Alternative 

Alt 98.7 Detroit

Detroit's New Alternative 

94/7 Alternative Portland


Star 101.9

Hawaii's Alternative 

The Other Side of The River

Atlanta’s Alternative Edge 

Columbus Alternative 105.7

Everything Alternative 

107.7 The End

Seattle's New Music Discovery 

WWUH 91.3 FM

Public Alternative Radio 

99X Atlanta

It's What's Next 

ALT 103.7

DFW's New Alternative 

107.1 The Peak

World Class Rock for New York's Backyard 

104.1 The Edge

Albuquerque’s Alternative 

Alternative Rewind Radio

Classic 80's Alternative 

X96 Classic

Utah's Classic Alternative 

104.3 The Shark

South Florida's Alternative 


Central Ohio's Alternative 


Utah's Original Alternative 

Alt 94.9

San Diego's Alternative 

The Project 100.7/106.3

Alternative. Cincinnati. 

105.7 The Point

Everything Alternative 

Radio 104.1 WMRQ

CT's Alternative 

94.7 Alternative Anchorage

New Music Discovery 

Alt 97.5 Austin

The New Alternative 

101 WKQX

The New Home For Alternative 

Alt AZ 93.3

Arizona's Alternative 


Everything Alternative 

Alt 103.3

Indy’s Alternative 

Alt 107.5

Las Vegas' Alternative 

ALT 95.3

Raleigh's Alternative 

Alternative Radio

Alternative Rock Radio