Classic Hits Radio Stations

Radio stations sorted by popularity

WCBS-FM 101.1

New York Classic Hits 

105.7 The Hog

Tennessee's Classic Hits Station 

105.9 SUNNY FM

Orlando's Greatest Hits 

98.7 KLUV

North Texas' Greatest Hits!  


The Greatest Hits on Earth 

WAKY 103.5

Kentuckiana's Greatest Hits 

Classic American Top 40

Casey Kasem Counts Down 70's & 80's Hits 

95.7 BIG FM

Milwaukee's Best Variety of the 80s & MORE! 

BIG 98.1

Philadelphia's Classic Hits Station 

The River 105.9

Variety from the 70s, 80s and 90s! 

94.7 The Drive

80s Hits in D.C. 

WCRK 105.7 FM

The Greatest Hits of All Time 

80s Plus 103.7

Eighties Hits... Plus More! 

92.3 The Fox

All The Classics 

107.9 WSRZ

The Suncoast's Greatest Hits 

102.7 The Beach

More 80s. More Fun! 

93.1 The Lake

Feel-Good Favorites 

KEOM 88.5 FM

Your Community Leader 

99.9 KGOR

Omaha's Greatest Hits 

101 Gold

Greatest Hits From the 60s, 70s and 80s 

Gem 100 & 104

The Greatest Hits Of The 60's, 70's & 80's 

103.3 KLOU

STL's Best Variety of the 70s, 80s & 90s 

Big 106.9

Chattanooga's Greatest Hits 

Downtown Radio 97.7

Baton Rouge's Greatest Hits of the 60's & 70's 

Majic 105.7

All-Time Favorites of the 70s and 80s 

Kool 108

Minnesota's Best Variety of 80s & 90s 

96.5 The Cat

Rockin' the Blue Ridge 

94.1 KODJ

Salt Lake's Greatest Hits 

Big 94.5

70's, 80's, And 90's 

95.7 The Jet

Seattle's Best Variety of the 80's and more 

KIX 102.9

Carolina's Greatest Hits 

WRBZ 95.5

Montgomery's Radio Station 

Cool 102

Cape Cod's Classic Rock Station 

94.5 3WS

Pittsburgh's Classic Hits 

Classic Hits 105.3

The Pocono Lake Region Classic Hits Station 

107.3 The Eagle

Tampa Bay's Classic Hits 

Big 104 FM

The Biggest Hits! 

iHeart80s Radio

Commercial-Free 80s Hits 

Retro 97.1

Honolulus 80's Retro Staion 

97.1 The River

Atlanta's Classic Hits Station 

KOLA 99.9

The Inland Empire's Classic Hits Station 

KOOL 105

Denver's Greatest Hits 

Sunny 98.1

San Diego's Greatest Hits 

106.7 The Eagle

Portland’s Classic Hits 

92.1 The Wolf

Classic Hits 

95.3 The Beach

80's and More! 

95.9 The River

Rock' n Roll Favorites 

Power 97.7

Rock Radio Station Sedalia 

103.1 WNDH

Napoleon's Classic Hits 

B101 - WWBB

The 80’s and More - Providence 

Classic Hits 103.3

Classic Hits for Baton Rouge 

105.7 WROR

Boston's Greatest Hits