Classic Rock Radio Stations

Radio stations sorted by popularity


New York's Classic Rock 

Lone Star 92.5

Classic Rock for Dallas-Fort Worth 

101.5 KGB

San Diego's Classic Rock 

100.7 WZLX

Boston's Classic Rock 

102.5 WDVE

Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers 

102.9 WMGK

Philadelphia's Classic Rock 102.9 WMGK 

BIG 105.9

South Florida's Classic Rock! 

105.9 The Rock

Nashville's Classic Rock Station 


Indy's Classic Rock 

BIG 100

Washington's Classic Rock Radio Station 

101.5 K-Rock Hawaii

Honolulu's Real Rock 

106.7 WLLZ

Detroit's Wheels 

98.7 The Gater

The Palm Beaches' Rock Station 

102.5 KZOK

Seattle's Classic Rock Station 

103.5 The Fox

Denver, Colorado's Classic Rock 

99.7 The Fox

Charlotte's Best Classic Rock 

106.9 Birmingham's Eagle

The Only Classic Rock Station 

97.1 The Drive

Chicago's Classic Rock 

106.7 The Eagle

San Antonio's ONLY Classic Rock 

94.1 WYSP


100.7 The Bay

Baltimore's Classic Rock Station 

94 HJY

Providence's Home of Rock and Roll 

Coyote 102.5

Classic Rock In New Mexico 

96.1 The Rocket

The Gulf Coast Home of Classic Rock 

104.7 WTUE

Dayton's Rock Station 

Rock 92

The Home Of The 2GNC Show 

107.7 The Bone

The Rock of the Bay 

Radio 95.1

Brother Wease and Kimberly & Beck 

94.9 WMMQ

Lansing's Classic Rock 

The River 97.3

Harrisburg's Real Rock Variety 

106.9 The Fox

Hampton Roads' Classic Rock 

95.7 QMF

Louisville's Rock Station 

Houston's Eagle 106.9 & 107.5

Houston’s ONLY Classic Rock 

Vinyl Classic Rock

Classic Rock from the Original Vinyl 

96.5 WCMF

Rochester's Classic Rock 

96.3 ROV Rocks

The Rock Of Virginia 

102.9 WBLM

Maine's Classic Rock Station 

100.7 The Fox

The Corridor's Classic Hits Station 

99.1 PLR

Connecticut's #1 Rock Station 

Rock 103

Columbus' Rock Station 

93.7 The River

Sacramento's New Classic Rock 

99.5 The Mountain

A Mountain of Classics 

B104 3 The Point

The Station That Rocks 

99.9 The Hawk

Classic Rock of the 70s, 80s and More 


The Capital Region's Classic Rock Station 

98.5 WNCX

Cleveland's Classic Rock 

100.7 KSLX

The Valley's Classic Rock Station 

96.3 XKE

Fort Wayne's Classic Rock 

94.7 WCSX

Detroit's Classic Rock 

92.3 the Hog

West Tennessee's Classic Rock 

100.5 The Fox

Anchorage's Classic Rock Station 

98.7 The Shark

Classic Rock That Really Rocks! 

Rock 100.5

Atlanta's Rock Station