Mainstream Rock Radio Stations

Stations sorted by visits.

99.9 KISW

The Rock of Seattle 

Rock 95.5

Chicago's Rock Station 

102.7 WEBN

The Lunatic Fringe - Cincinnati 

Rock 101 WGIR FM

New Hampshire’s Rock Station 

100.3 WHEB

The Rock Station 

95.1 ZZO

The Valley’s Rock Station - Allentown 

Rock 98.5

Where North-Central Indiana Comes to Rock 

97.9 WGRD

Grand Rapids Rock Radio 

105.1 & 101.1 TOS

The Mountain of Pure Rock 

101.5 K-Rock Manhattan

Northeast Kansas Real Rock Station 

104.7 WIOT

Toledo Rock 

105.9 The Brew

Portland's Rock Station 

95.9 The Rat


Z105 Sarasota

Sarasota Bradenton's Rock Station 

103 GBF

Everything That Rocks The River City 

98.9 The Rock

Kansas City's Rock Station 

98 Rock Baltimore

Baltimore's Rock Radio 

98 Rock

Sacramento Rock Music 

Real Rock 105.7

The Triad's Rock Station 

My Rock 98

Charleston's Best Rock 

Pixy 103

Cape Cod's Rock! 

95.5 KLOS

Southern California's Rock Station 

95.1 KSKY

Black Hills Best Rock 

99.5 KISS Rocks

KISS Rocks San Antonio 

95.5 KLAQ

El Paso's Best Rock 


Everything That Rocks 

Real Rock Z103.3

Minnesota's Custom Rock 

105.5 WDHA

The Rock of New Jersey 

96.3 The Blaze

Missoula's Rock Station 

Rock 106.9 WRQK

Canton's Rock Station 

Sacramento's K-ZAP

50 Years of Rock, Blues and More 

98.1 The Max

The Rock of Memphis 

Fox 102.3

Columbia's Rock Station 

Rock 100.5 The KATT

Oklahoma's Legendary Home for Pure Rock 

The Rock 99.9

Western Kansas Rocks 

WCHX 105.5

The Juniata Valleys ROCK Station! 

939X Indy

Indy's Rock Station 

92.9 WBUF

Everything That Rocks 

94.3 The Shark

Everything That Rocks 

96.1 Drake FM

The New Alt Revolution 

99 Rock WFRD

Dartmouth's Modern Rock Alternative 

Rock 106.7

Utah's Best Rock 

Rock 93.3

Valdosta's Rock Station 

ROCK 94.5

The Gulf Coast’s Rock Station 

94.5 KATS

Yakima Valley's Rock Station 

KBER 101

Utah's Rock Station 

US97 Springfield

The Rock of the Ozarks 

94.1 The Rock

Aberdeen's Rock Station 

Rock 105.1 Asheville

Asheville's Rock Station 

100.1 The Hero

Everything That Rocks 

WOTT 94 Rock

The Only Station That Really Rocks