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102.7 Jack-FM is an Adult Hits/80s Hits radio station serving Baltimore, MD. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


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Reviews (5)

2022-10-30 06:57:03

This station was better when it first started. now it just plays the same songs over & over & over everyday
they used to have the 80's weekend & American top 40 from the 80's
it had a wider playlist years ago & played songs you didn't hear on other stations.
and they have way too many commercials now. i timed it one day & there was over 9 mins of talking
way too long.
Baltimore radio sucks really not much variety anymore. just terrible pop from today & country& rap.
and now the classic rock station plays 90's & 2000's all day long. we need better station's like maybe a 70's & 80's one or an oldies station. Baltimore has neither.

2022-08-20 17:49:05

I love this station

2022-08-18 17:36:41

Great music, makes me feel like I would be in the States driving on a freeway to the sunset with my iconic muscle car 1970 Dodge Challenger

2022-01-31 19:58:02

why are giving a weather report from last week.. People have issues and panick when they hear snow .... If it s a recording you should at least CORREC the weather..
They should play the flip side of some bands that way they could play something other than the same 10 songs in a day

2022-01-24 17:51:32

love this station, great people and great music

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