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102.3 The Rose is a Soft Adult Contemporary radio station serving Louisville, KY. Owned and operated by Alpha Media.


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Reviews (9)

Kevin L 2023-08-14 19:06:00

Love the station.....But starts the Christmas Music way too soon. 30 days would be enough!!! Thanks!!

Ariel jolo 2023-05-23 21:28:54

I love 102.3 the rose. You rock..

Kim 2023-02-14 15:04:00

Found this station after the new year. Love it! Lately the station has been cutting out for a few seconds. Happens several times a day. Hope this can be fixed soon.

Amy 2023-01-18 17:59:00

This the only radio station that i am able to get in my office. The radio station is not bad but could you play some more variety please? I hear the same songs over and over every day!

Joyce Eaton 2022-12-18 15:17:00

Most of the year your music choices are good. But for the month of December I do not listen to you. Way to long to play xmas music. I'm sick of it by xmas time!

Jakki Boner 2022-11-21 19:31:06

Really enjoy the programming.

Scott 2022-10-14 03:37:07

Great to hear Lite rock back on the radio. Would love the hear more of the soft hits of the 70's.

Ann 2022-10-12 03:25:55

Love this station and will be listening all time especially in the evenings when Delilah is on. Would like to hear more 70's music though.

Jack 2022-10-09 05:21:43

Great lite music is finally back on the air and love that Delilah is back. Keep up the great music! We will be listening all the time.

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