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WMXJ is a Classic Hits radio station serving Miami. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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Frank 2022-02-13 15:24:00

For the past 15 years I have become a regular listener to “The Beach” while I spend February and March in Fort Lauderdale away from the cold in Chicago. I’ve stuck with your station when in the car since it is the ONLY fm station in south Florida playing classic rock.
However, I must tell you that the depth and range of your music library is truly lame and limited. There are thousands of possible selections that can be added to your play list but I continue to hear the same, agreeably classic, tunes: Bon Jovi, Journey, Michael Jackson, etc. The same selections seem to be played daily, even multiple times per day.
For comparison, my home station, WDRV 97.1 fm “The Drive” must have 10,000 or more choices for their dj’s. When they have an “A to Z” special, there are no repeats for 5 or 6 days.
I guarantee that you would increase your listener share if you increased the size of your play list.

Just a suggestion,

Kevin Moore 2021-12-24 19:09:40

In town on the pier enjoying the absolutely magnificent weather!! Great music staying with my nephew and his family in Coral Springs my wife and I are leaving on the 26th.

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