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104.3 The Fan is an All Sports radio station serving Denver-Boulder, CO. Owned and operated by Bonneville International.


  • Address: 7800 E Orchard Rd #400, Greenwood Village, CO 80111
  • Phone number: 303-321-0950
  • Website: https://denverfan.com

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Reviews (7)

2023-12-04 18:56:00

Sports talk and opinions good. Would not allow my children to listen to then, use of English language is very lacking. Send then to remedial class!

2023-11-27 17:37:00

I was wondering when dmac would be gone, but I thought the players club was fun to listen too. Their format was different and I enjoyed listening to them.

2023-11-15 21:32:00

Loved Phillip Lindsay as a player. Hate him as a radio host. The Drive is out of my rotation until the next line-up change.

2023-10-24 13:36:00

Zack and lindsy are good radio.why they got rid of chad and Orlando makes no sense..the 3rd guy on the show wasn't that bright.dmack was great with big all .he is great where he plays second chair with guys like big all beeting on him..

2023-09-21 13:41:00

Was shocked to hear D Mac, Chad Brown, Orlando, and Nate were shown the door. Those guy's voices had become part of my daily driving experience. Thank goodness they had the good sense to keep Schlereth , and Evans. Love them or hate him, D Mac's voice WAS the fan. best of luck to them all. I will at least still listen to the morning show. Don't care for Bye and Lindsay's opinions or voices. Boring listening.

2023-09-18 23:20:00

Good to see a shake-up in programming. But, sorry to see Chad Brown go. However, agree the clock had expired for DMac.

2023-09-01 01:08:00

Knowshawn Moreno may be the worst on air “talent” in Denver sports radio. Inarticulate, no insights, obvious lack of preparation and poor presence. Makes D Mac look like Bob Costas. WEAK!’

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