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1040 WHBO is a News/Talk radio station serving Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL. Owned and operated by Genesis Communications.


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Reviews (17)

2023-11-10 04:13:00

Excellent radio station. Plante is very good, Falia not so much too many stupid sound effects

2023-10-09 18:26:00

I have never heard a radio station that has as much dead air as 1040 am (where station is not broadcasting for as long as an hour or two). Please update and maintain the stations equiptment.

2023-09-15 00:26:00

Thanks for your brodcasts of the Univesity of Miami football games! Tommy Hyde

2023-08-11 09:49:00

jimmy faila is irritating to listen to. Too many props and redundancy. Love Plante.

2023-07-13 15:39:00

Plante and Failla are excellent. Agreed about Oscar Mike radio...GREAT!......I really miss that show! Be sure to check out the new Cliff's Edge show on Thursdays. Put him on more often instead of rerunning Planet please! Also...the dropouts are maddening!

2023-07-06 19:24:00

Whoever is sitting in for jimmy faila should have that show full time. It's nice not hear the same thing over and over everyday , loud screaming recordings, hearing about Lincoln and how much they all can drink every night. Faila is a good guest but 3 hrs is way too much to listen to what everybody already knows.....over and over and over.

2023-05-07 16:40:00

Please rebroadcast Bill O'Reilly's show at a later time. Bill is the best at what he does. No spin, No kiddin

2023-04-05 13:56:00

Chris Plante is Excellent.................better than 90% of radio personalities

2023-03-30 18:01:00

Where's your radio signal?

2023-03-03 22:43:19

what happened to your radio signal?

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