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The Upstate's Talk Station

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106.3 WORD is a News/Talk radio station serving Greenville. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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Reviews (2)

Rob Healy 2022-07-06 19:23:37

LOVE listening to 106.3 w.o.r.d... Unfortunately I have to listen through 101.5fm and there is a hugh issue with retransmission of 106.3 here. There are MANY times of the original broadcast to but cut out, causing about 5 seconds of silence throughout the days broadcast. I have emailed the station directly and received a generic response that "they'll look into it". Obviously fell on deaf ears sadly. Someone needs to investigate, and fix the issue already !!

Tom Beckwith 2022-06-29 00:30:44

I listen to WBWT? 101.5 which when listening says "this is 106.3". I am in the Anderson area and 101.5 is one of my favorite Talk stations. The problem is that 101.5 tends to have a fair number of random interruptions for short but variable time lengths. No real pattern appears to be noted, but it is annoying and hopefully fixable.

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