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WVFM (106.5 FM), branded as "106.5 Jack FM", is an Adult Hits/80s Hits radio station licensed to Kalamazoo, MI. The station is currently owned by Midwest Communications.

  • Call sign: WVFM
  • Frequency: 106.5 FM
  • City of license: Kalamazoo, MI
  • Format: Adult Hits/80s Hits
  • Owner: Midwest Communications


  • Address: 4200 W Main St, Kalamazoo, MI 49006
  • Phone number: (269) 345-7121 / (269) 373-1065
  • Website: jack1065.com

Reviews (3)

Dennis Burdick 2022-10-22 10:55 PM

Love coverage of WMU games

Royce Bland 2022-10-15 02:28 PM

I have listen to 106.5 since 1973, and it has always been my go to favorite in the mornings. I have my bedside radio set to Jack. I have gone along with the newest format, and I am generally satisfied. I think a better philosophical statement than "playing what we want" would be "playing what you want". I have noticed what seams to be an increasing amount of rap coming out of my radio. I cannot consider that to be in any way "music" and as it comes from my speakers it is like fingernails on a chalk board. Before you cite some DEI clap trap, I would challenge you to list how much country music you play in the interest of diversity. I know it is playing what you want. However, I am listening to what I want. Simply put, I refuse to be wakened by some discordant garbage rap. At this point I am still a loyal 106.5 listener and hopeful Jack will see the light and improve the musical content. However, I tell you honestly the next time I am wakened by this garbage, I am gone. You will need to find at least one new listener willing to listen as you play what you want. Thank you for your attention.

Kim Grenon 2022-06-16 10:23 AM

I love the variety of different artists you play. Don't hear many repeats which is great. Could never understand radio stations...all the songs out there, we should never hear the same song in a day! Also notice there is not much advertising/talking...let's see how long that lasts! LOL

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