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KZNS (1280 AM), branded as "1280 The Zone", is an All Sports radio station licensed to Salt Lake City, UT, and serves the Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo radio market. The station is currently owned by Larry H. Miller Communications Corporation.


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Reviews (7)

Reese Colbo 2024-04-04 02:37 AM

love listening to the Tacoma..Salt Lake and rest of PCL

Kory kunak 2024-03-21 08:57 PM

in general I like the show, But they need to talk more about the whole world of sports, They spend to much time talking about the Utah jazz which are not very good , it’s hard to listen about the jazz, ZMaybe when they get better in the future, It will better. But I like pk and do, pk is a no nonsense dude. And he knows his sports.

Tom 2023-10-27 11:52 PM

What happened to Scott Mitchell. Was Alex too mean and blue? I miss his commentary and insights.

Also, Alex said the Jazz never lead in their 1st game. They did lead for a brief moment.

Glenn Dunyon 2023-06-08 04:32 PM

The opening segment today was amazing - Ben is the best - but Jokic over Dirk - not so fast. Ben and Sam would be a show I would listen to on a daily basis - but the Le Batard show is still the standard.

maurice canfield 2023-01-27 04:15 PM

I love listening to the zone on ALEXA in Pocatello but I have complaints about sound quality. When Locke does his radio appearance the sound quality is so bad I turn it off. It sounds like he is in an echoing bathroom and also on Jazz games the sound quality is hurt by crowd background which is too loud. I turn it off as it is hard to understand. The last 5 games I have found the opposing teams radio feed and listen there. I used to watch on my cable but cable quit AT&T December 31 and am waiting to see who carries the Jazz next season on tv.
Mo Canfield

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