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True Country: Fort Dodge

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540 KWMT is a Country Music radio station. Owned and operated by Alpha Media.

  • Call sign: KWMT
  • Frequency: 540 AM
  • City of license: Fort Dodge, IA
  • Format: Country Music
  • Owner: Alpha Media
  • Branding: 540 KWMT


  • Address: 200 N. 10th Street, Fort Dodge, IA 50501
  • Phone number: (515) 955-5656
  • Website: www.yourfortdodge.com

Reviews (2)

2023-07-18 15:19:00

I have to put the station on pause for the “annoying” REPEATED COMMERCIALS!!! Can ANYTHING be done to limit how times the same commercial is played in the same hour? I really love the old country songs but those 3 same commercials have gotten on my last nerve!

2021-12-15 13:12:58

I love the variety of music. The commercials are too loud. I have to turn the radio volume down when a commercial comes on. Then when news or music comes on I have to turn the volume up again.

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