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55KRC is a Talk radio station serving Cincinnati, OH. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


  • Address: 8044 Montgomery Rd #650, Cincinnati, OH 45236
  • Phone: 513-686-8314 / 513-749-5500
  • Website: https://55krc.iheart.com

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Reviews (4)

Jimmy rudo 2022-10-22 09:50:39

Love the station

Jim Rudo 2022-08-13 13:06:57

I love the program

Robert Gingras 2022-02-18 07:42:20

Brian can now rest easy ... 50 of his 100 listeners are now back with 550 in the AM. I've never seen anyone so jealous of a football teams success as I did when the Bengals started their off-season winng drive than Brian Thomas. He would only mention them when prompted by a guest - a sad little non-athletic dude. i've gone back to his show reluctantly after the Superbowl only because WKRC does not have the :30 news, however, it does get old listening to him constantly speak to issues relating to Cincinnati proper political BS when I would wager NONE of his listeners give one rats patoot about. Just sayin, Good Day.

Kliff Kreicker 2022-01-08 15:14:01

I have always been a radio-head! When I was a little kid, I listen to the kitchen radio most evenings, Sky King, "B" (bar) "B" Ranch, Big Top Circus, etc. on Chicago stations.
As a teen I listened to W G N over night, American Airlines Music Till Dawn. Now I listen to W K R C George Noory Cost to Cost AM, most every night
Just to be fair, if there is nothing I like to listen to on W K R C I dial over to W L W your sister station. After Noory, Bryan it my get up and get going guy.
Sorry you are having trouble with the new "diggs"! Keep up the great job y'all aredoing.

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