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News Radio 610 WTVN is a News/Talk radio station serving Columbus, OH. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


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Reviews (12)

2023-04-13 00:36:00

All the conservative talk radio host are great!! I don’t want to single out one or the other as the best because they all bring different perspectives. I do love the broadcast from approximately 9am-11pm. All are very much true constitutional Americans! Don’t understand ABC as the updated news that they use….that’s disappointing. 610, THX! For staying strong and keeping the best of the constitutional Christian conservatives on this AM channel. ALL I LISTEN TO!

2022-09-19 22:34:28

Love the show!

Not afraid to tell it like it is. Always enjoy the daily topics when listeners call in, as I often do.

Josh enjoys a good bourbon or Whisky as do I.
Mark rode a Suzuki Hayabusa (in another life) as I do.

Both great Conservatives who REFUSE to take a knee to the screaming blue haired woke brigade! FIFTY DAYS TILL MIDTERMS!

Keep up the great work guys

The truth matters



2022-08-18 16:19:06

Thanks for letting us hear the truth, told by Mark B. & Josh! Faithful Listener, many years, as a Veteran, appreciate the real news that effects us all, locally & national, worldwide. Keep the tradition up! Your opinions alone make us all feel comfortable with the decisions we make, daily. Wonderful personalities, way back to Bob Conners, Steve Boom Boom Cannon, & John Corby! Mark & Josh can now be added as the best radio personalities around our nation! You guys bring it every day, keep up the good work! Truth be told, you are speaking for the comman voters & our great Americans, across the nation! GOD Bless!

2022-08-01 16:37:03

Great on-air personalities, but has the most annoying commercials. The worst is Kars for Kids. Even Greg Gutfeld mentioned on his late night show how irritating that commercial is. Progressive Insurance is a close second.

2022-07-25 15:54:25

Enjoy listening to Mark & Josh. Wish Josh would pull back some on the profanity, though. I get he gets passionate and I appreciate his passion on topics. The only other drawback for me is ABC News which comes at a liberal angle and sometimes their newscasters have to throw in an opinion at the end of a political story. Just give me the news, not an opinion. Let me decide. I Liked the network news better when WTVN carried Fox.

2022-07-18 02:08:18

Great radio station !

2022-07-15 23:08:20

Keep up the good work !

2022-06-22 22:14:12

I love this station with Mark & Josh. Like most I miss John but they have taken up the reins. I live down near Dayton and it has replaced WHIO.

2022-02-03 06:42:44

I like the station. App makes listening easy.

2022-02-01 19:16:07

How many times is 610 going to run that dam gasoline savings spot? One of the women in that commercial is the same one who did a Pepsi commercial during Christmas. She has an irritating "rasp" in her voice. I have to turn the station off or turn down the volume every time that spot is on. It must air 5 times an hour.

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