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670 The Score is an All Sports radio station serving Chicago, IL. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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Reviews (8)

2023-08-20 14:46:00

Saturday morning show "Inside the Clubhouse" and Sunday morning Hit and Run" are good shows and usually worth a listen. Otherwise, the regular programming is one numbing. This station is one, long commercial for sports betting.

2023-08-09 01:03:00

Since I do not have a choice,I listen to the station but I have ended up listening off and on. I get so annoyed with commercial interuptions that I have to turn it off occasionally to cool off.
There has to be a way to re do the format so that almost everything won't be brought to me by this sponsor or that sponsor.

2023-08-05 21:18:00

Love it! Stay true to Chicago fans and sports!

-Chicago fan in Wisco

2023-02-27 19:00:00

Could be less pretensious i.e Berstein. Can't stand his smartest guy act. Morning show is the best offering.

2023-02-23 13:17:00


2022-11-05 00:56:32

Want to hear bulls game i love 670 the score

2022-09-28 14:34:14

I really enjoy Leila Rahimi and feel she has really added to the station with her knowledge,but why is she so negative versus how she is on NBC.? Seems like she is two different women.

2022-02-13 15:35:14

Long-time Bears fan and listener of 670 the Score to hear the latest on the bears win or lose.

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