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WLW (700 AM) is a News/Talk radio station serving Cincinnati, OH. The station is currently owned by iHeartMedia.


  • Address: 8044 Montgomery Rd #650, Cincinnati, OH 45236
  • Phone number: 513-686-8300 / 513-749-7000
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Reviews (26)

2024-01-29 22:21:00

Sandy Collins is just right person to read the news on WLW.

2023-11-18 16:06:00

How does 'Sandy Collins' have a job?
I was excited to hear a female voice when she first came to 700WLW, but she is awful at her job. No preparation apparently.
Does the station manager listen at all? Offer suggestions for improvement?
Excrutiating to listen to now.

2023-08-31 17:34:00

I love Jim Schott. When I was 14 years old and in the hospital for spinal surgery for almost 3 months, Jim called me a few times a week while I was at Good Sam. He called me and on my birthday he came to visit bringing me a birthday cake and a large bag of Grippo Potato Chips. He stayed for around a half hour and really enjoyed talking with him. He made me feel so special. He is such a great guy. God bless him.
Thanks Jim!
Bobbie Sue Rieman Becker

2023-03-12 04:12:00

My favorite time is Gary Jeff and the Red Eye Show

2023-03-10 11:49:00

I love listening to Ken Broo..he is so universal with great knowledge. I love him talking to older music stars and sports talk plus the news. He seems so detailed and that's enjoyable

2023-02-20 06:49:00

BEEN list for years great

2023-02-10 18:03:00

How many minutes per hour does WLW-700 radio have commercials between 6:00am and 6:00pm?
Many times during prime time hours several commercials in a row will be broadcasted several times an hour.
In recent years, it appears the number of commercials per hour has really increased.
My guess an average of 20 to 30 minutes an hour are commercials.
Recently I have been changing to another radio station during an extra-long period of time of nothing but commercials on WLW-700 radio.

2023-01-23 01:22:35

Love the station

2023-01-19 17:01:00

What happened to Sunday mornings? Ed Bousman. He has been on a very long time. Why is the Lutheran hour only :30 minutes? I don't care to hear from Dr. Pinkus.
I don't think anyone does. Just a thought. I may be outnumbered on that. I love everything else you do. Thanks for (listening) to me gripe.

2022-12-22 13:11:00

Need to take more callers less guests leave the sports talk Lance not during the day

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