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The Voice of Berks County

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830 WEEU is a News/Talk radio station. Owned and operated by Reading Eagle Company .

  • Call sign: WEEU
  • Frequency: 830 AM
  • City of license: Reading, PA
  • Format: News/Talk
  • Owner: Reading Eagle Company
  • Branding: The Voice 830 AM WEEU


  • Address: 34 North 4th St, Reading, PA 19601
  • Phone number: 610-376-7335 / 610-374-8800
  • Website: https://www.830weeu.com

Reviews (5)

2023-02-13 20:10:00

Very interesting program. Keeps the listeners informed. Bill does alot of research for the program. Love IA, he is so articulate. The feedback from listeners is amazing-Alan, Maria, Tony, etc.

2023-02-02 00:35:00

It's Wayne's World Wayne's world it's party time it's Excellent! Party on Garth. Follow me on this. Every show and host is down to earth and whilst having to address some subjects in a more serious tone I feel they are light hearted, fresh, freely express their thoughts,feelings and ideas. They allow themselves to be vulnerable and sincerely encourage callers to do the same. They promote a safe and non judgemental environment for all. Unlike many other stodgy stations with ridged personalities WEEU is kind, caring and ready to help callers in more ways than the law allows. Why and how is easy to see because everyone leads with their hearts it's their nature. Tune in if for no other reason just to tell me I'm wrong. They are smart and engaging plus have the most consistent intelligent callers that undoubtedly will make you laugh, cry, remember and inspire you to be a better version of you!
Be well and be good to you.

2022-12-23 16:31:00

i miss mike faust but wish him the best.

2022-05-27 18:54:00

What happenend to dan bongino? Why replace him with ken matthews? Dan was and is great! I was so glad to have found him on your station, and now he's gone?? Why??? Please get him back!!!! If dan was still on your rating would be 5, now it's 1!

2022-01-03 13:24:01

You guys are the best. MWM keeps me laughing all morning long. Fabulous show.
Not real fond of the new format for 9 to Noon. I turn it off allot. Gets too boring.
Glad to see the flaming Democrat is gone at noon time. He was way to opinionated for my liking.
I would like to see you allow Allan from Oley, and Kevin from Birdsboro back on. Extremely Unfair and bias!!!! Censorship at its worst! Very disappointing from your station!

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