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KTRB (860 AM), branded as "860 AM The Answer", is a Talk radio station licensed to San Francisco, CA, and serves the San Francisco radio market. The station is currently owned by East Bay Broadcasting.


  • Address: 39650 Liberty St #340, Fremont, CA 94538
  • Phone number: (415) 634-KTRB (5872)
  • Website: 860amtheanswer.com
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Reviews (8)

Heather Murthy 2024-01-12 05:43 PM

Are they silencing AM radio?????? Cant seem to get this station on computer or radio ---

Lisa Shaw 2023-07-06 02:26 PM

Make Carl Jackson a permanent radio host! Carl sees through to the meat and the direct truth of the matter!
Make Carl permanent...not a fill-in!!!

Robert Hepps 2023-05-03 01:15 AM

Review on Officier Tatum. I loved his show for the first couple months. Lately it as been like a church the complete time. I like his beliefs but the whole program is about religion. Bless him but it is getting very boring to listen too, even though I believe it what he says it is time for news, politics, todays events..
Enough preaching, I am feeling like a I am listening to a Sunday morning program

Elaine Meier 2023-02-23 07:36 PM

I am not able to get this station any more. Are you permanently off the air? Many problems have been experienced by me to get this station. How come?

Sue 2023-02-23 05:14 PM

The transmitting tower has been damaged by the wind storm.

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