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AM 870 The Answer is a News/Talk radio station serving Los Angeles, CA. Owned and operated by Salem Communications.


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Reviews (6)

2023-11-19 23:56:00

Brock Laurie is the best voice, best logic, smartest voice, and more believable than ALL hosts on all radio channels and TV channels that I have ever listened and watched, even Mark Levin!!

2023-09-07 21:03:00

What can I say, besides this is my go to channel most always, whether I’m in the house or car. My favorite is Jenn & Grant 5-9am, then Dennis Prager, then Sebastian Gorka. After that I’m not near a radio. Salem has good programming that relates to my questions about Politics and the World we now suffer in. Good job all!

2023-08-04 18:56:00

Generally great content but far too many "snake oil" ads. You even have a "snake oil" for dogs.

2023-03-03 12:39:19

Nothing more can be said!

2023-02-14 13:05:00

What more can be said? After sifting through all the other stations we come up with the truth. Personally, I was always taught that this world we live in is based on this "truth ".And any time we stray from it we reap the not so nice reality. SRN carries the banner...

2022-10-29 00:18:38

Just the type of uncensored frequency of opinionated 2 sides of the latest story & topics that I can relate W!TH. Sister stations are equally entertaining.

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