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KREV (92.7 FM), branded as "92.7 The Hustle", is an Urban Contemporary | Hip-Hop/R&B radio station licensed to Alameda, CA, and serves the San Francisco radio market. The station is currently owned by Golden State Broadcasting.



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Ligma 2023-11-26 04:42 AM

Awesome station that plays ONLY rap. Only 102 jams, amd KMEL do it similar to this, but this is truly the best. PRESET IT NOW!!!

Shy 2023-11-09 06:04 AM

lol I’m glad we have a new station. The rest of the comments seem quite upset that they can’t listen to untz untz untz music on the radio. Use your damn streaming services! Let’s gooo!

Nani 2023-10-08 06:27 PM

Was my favorite station when it played EDM. So sad it’s gone.
I love hip hop too but don’t need yet another station doing that.

Nistud 2023-09-02 01:11 AM

No EDM, no more listen. Bye Felicia

Geoff 2023-08-30 12:41 AM

BRING THE EDM BACK. It’s clear this change is not FCC approved. It’s not documented anywhere, no licensing is available, and the website provides nothing. Report these people please.

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