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92.7 The Hustle is an Urban Contemporary radio station serving San Francisco, CA. Owned and operated by Golden State Broadcasting.


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Nistud 2023-09-02 01:11:00

No EDM, no more listen. Bye Felicia

Geoff 2023-08-30 00:41:00

BRING THE EDM BACK. It’s clear this change is not FCC approved. It’s not documented anywhere, no licensing is available, and the website provides nothing. Report these people please.

AJ 2023-08-28 18:15:00

When I found out that EDM was back on the radio, I was ecstatic and added it to my car radio preset. It was great as Pirate Radio and I enjoyed listening to it while commuting, it didn't even have commercials! When it switched over to The Revolution, the music wasn't as good but at least it was still in the EDM category. Now I don't like the station at all and it's lost it's spot as a preset station. When I browse the station just to see if the music got better, it sadly didn't. Bring back Pirate Radio!

LAR 2023-08-27 02:55:00

No more house music…. Extremely disappointed. It’s been replace with generic hip pop.

Shazbot 2023-08-22 12:35:00

Gave up and removed it from my presets, deleted the stream from my music apps. I can't see this station lasting much longer considering how dominate KMEL is in the genre. Not to mention most top 40 stations include their playlist, negating the need to switch stations. An absolute failure of leadership to let a historic EDM station fall into disgrace.

flozz 2023-08-20 08:23:00

2 days ago, Pure EDM, yesterday Pure HipHop, Today Dead Air. Tomorrow pure rubbish. Removing from my presets.

Hanna 2023-08-18 20:36:00

So disappointed that the EDM station has been replaced with a hip hop station! As a previous commenter said, it would have been nice to get a warning and/or if we could donate to keep the station going that would have been doable! RIP to the bay areas only ever, great, but short lived electronic station.

Eran Chazan 2023-08-18 17:01:00

KREV, can you please give an explanation on why you switched from EDM to hip hop?

Is it because simply there aren't enough EDM listeners in the Bay Area market to support the genre?

I am dumbfounded by the change and have had one of the best 9 months of my life listening to KREV and discovering my love for EDM.

maxNipCat 2023-08-18 14:28:00

Switch to hip hop is no good. Unsubscribe. Bummed. Bring chem bros back.

Dave 2023-08-17 20:50:00

Man I'm bummed, checked their website (super sketchy url btw) and it seems they are now 92.7 "the hustle" a "pure hip hop" station. This was my go to station for my commute because it played such cool and diverse music. I wish they had said something instead of abruptly stopping, would have happily tossed them a donation if that's what they needed. Hopefully the edm comes back, and maybe they could take a page from 91.1fm where its all jazz all the time, they just run pledge drives every quarter or so and are otherwise ad free. Anywho, I guess it's back to Spotify for now, hope Zaid and crew are doing ok

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