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Sports Radio 93.3 KJR is an All Sports radio station serving Seattle-Tacoma, WA. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


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Reviews (5)

2023-01-23 22:36:00

I liked them better when they were the Seattle Seahawks' station instead of the San Francisco 49'rs station. They've taken to rooting for division rivals and spending whole segments talking about how great the 49'rs are and discussing how much money they have riding on San Francisco.

2022-11-17 02:43:22

Awesome Husky football coaches show!...So well done!...Thanks!

2022-10-14 04:50:56

Really appreciate listening to the Kraken games! Good play by play team.

2022-07-18 21:19:53

Great Stuff Guys. Super neat talking about the same thing over and over and over

2022-06-24 20:57:30

I enjoy Chuck and Buck but I really like the addition of Ashley. I usually don't care for female sports hosts but she is genuinely one who embodies what I appreciate. She's funny, knowledgeable, participates in everything in a congenial M/F way that speaks of her confidence in who she is and how comfortable she is with it. I think she speaks well for how males and females can create good content without pandering or competing.

Sonja Hickey

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