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Sports Radio 94.1 WIP is a Sports radio station serving Philadelphia. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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Reviews (36)

Al Beadencup 2022-11-15 01:14:52

Its about time,Angelo takes his mouth somewhere else. He was unfair to Randall Cunninghan when he was here.I will miss him as much as I miss genital herpes.

Richard 2022-11-14 11:53:45

Great station!!!

Will 2022-11-03 17:04:37

Hey listeners. It’s gonna be hard to replace Angelo , you really can’t. Remember, whom ever steps in, they will take up space, but not replace!!!!!!

Ken Sipple 2022-10-27 18:53:05

I can't believe you selected these guys for the morning show I have been listening to for 25 Years. I was expecting a big personality as a replacement. I turn 94.1 off every time I hear James Seltzer on the air, what an annoying voice for radio. Afraid I'm leaving you as a morning listener.

Frank 2022-10-21 20:34:50

They appear to only have 2 advertisers?? Same ads repeated non-stop till nauseam ensues.

MIchelle 2022-10-14 11:27:00

I have listened to this station for the last 15 years. I also will be sad to see Angelo go although I don't always agree with everything he says. I agree with what another reviewer said about Al Morganti not being able to take Angelo's place. Sorry.

Darryl Williams 2022-10-13 15:35:48

Born and raised in South Philly now living in LA this app changed my life!!

Alan Oswald 2022-10-02 18:29:43

Love the station, sorry to hear about Angelo leaving. Question how can I listen to Eagles games from Endicott NY.?

Brinton 2022-09-29 20:59:42

This channel is so much better then audicy.

Gary Bernstein 2022-09-28 11:40:50

I’ve been listening to WIP for over 30 years. Overall, it’s a great sports station to listen to. I am writing only to offer my two cents about who you should not replace Angelo Cataldi with when he retires. Al Morganti has does a nice job as Angelo’s sidekick all these years. However, in my opinion he would not be good as a lead host. I personally don’t even think he feels comfortable in that role when he fills in from time to time. So I would say you need someone with a lot of energy and can really grab the audience’s attention as Angelo has done all these years. Al does not do that in my view. You will pick a replacement as you see fit. I just wanted to give you my perspective as a listener for many years. Good luck!

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