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94.7 The Block is a Classic Hip Hop radio station serving New York, NY. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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2023-07-20 23:40:00

It's really sad that Heavy D's music isn't being played. He deserves to be celebrated like everyone else during this hip hop anniversary. He pioneered so much and yet you don't play his music at all.

Please show him love!

With all the music out there you play the same songs over and over. Same artists all the time. You shouldn't have to repeat a song for months honestly. DMX, LL, JA RULE, JAY Z and a few others. C'mon y'all have the ability to do so much better!

2023-07-05 02:18:00

Love this station...Newark All Day .

2022-12-02 14:25:00

Beat thing to hit Dallas Texas airwaves since The Dallas Cowboys! Keep doing your thing Jonesey!, and Nick &DJ Scratch … OMG! Texas Loves 94.7 THE BLOCK!

2022-11-23 15:57:33

Love listening to Jonsey in the Morning

2022-11-02 14:36:01

Great radio station. Now they have Jonesy in the morning. I'm hooked!

2022-05-06 15:54:23

great music just don't repeats so much.i like oldies barry white, earth wind, and fire,

2022-04-28 16:21:17

great music, but you have started playing same music over and over. Give us da brat,Adina,cris cross, then good songs from 1985.

2022-04-23 13:15:00

This is a great radio station to listen to for old-school hip hop.

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