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Es La Ley!

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94.9 El Rey is a Regional Mexican radio station serving Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN. Owned and operated by Borgen Broadcasting.


  • Address: 149 Thompson Ave E #201, West St Paul, MN 55118
  • Phone: (651) 227-6318 / (651) 227-6300
  • Website: http://elrey949fm.com/

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Reviews (3)

Lorena Reyes 2022-06-15 13:34:30

Saludos a Nati y a ti huracán me encanta escuchar radio Rey feliz día !!

AJ 2022-03-16 19:18:37

Love the accordion!

Greg 2022-01-21 09:43:16

I'm just a gringo, I have no idea what they're saying on this station. But the Mexicans have musical styles of their own -- more horns, flutes, accordions, more happy yelling, they really know how to party. Some of the music on this station sounds very pop, some more traditional, and some of it sounds pretty darn cool, distortion and minor key stuff. It's a welcome change from the usual formulaic pop and rock stations which all play the same things.

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