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970 KCFO is a Christian Teaching and Talk radio station serving Tulsa, OK. Owned and operated by Stephens Media Group.


  • Address: 2448 E 81st St 57th Floor, Tulsa, OK 74137
  • Phone number: 918-492-2660
  • Website: https://kcfo.com/

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Reviews (2)

2023-08-02 13:56:00

I benefit from several of your broadcasts quite often, both issues oriented programs preaching/teaching ones. I say 4 stars of five due to some of the extreme "Name It & Claim It" teachers you offer. Thanks
Rick Selby

2022-11-14 14:43:16

I benefit from much of your broadcasting during the week regularly and appreciate your courageous swimming upstream in our increasingly antigospel age. I can't give you 5 stars due to your inclusion of broadcasts by advocates of "name it and claim it" theology which attracts and encourages disengenuine disciples leading to disillusionment when confronted by the real world.

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