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99.9 KEZ is a Soft Adult Contemporary radio station serving Phoenix, AZ. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


  • Address: 4686 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ 85008
  • Phone number: 602-374-6000 / 602-260-0999
  • Website: https://kez999.iheart.com

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Reviews (10)

Brad 2023-06-11 15:37:00

I like what I hear on your station but you are really stuck on several dozen songs that just REPEAT ALL DAY LONG! There are thousands of songs that fit your declared format but you never play them. When we listen during the morning shows we hear multiple songs 4 or 5 times in a matter of 5 or 6 hours. If you don't the rights to play more songs tell the public your Paid list for full disclosure. Great DJ's, good intentions and the range of years versus what you actually play is disappointing. You could do Better!

Diane Scofield 2023-04-13 03:45:00

You need to Not be so repetitive you miss out on other great Christmas special songs …. Who ever was your programer ……played their favorites more of one artist …. Than another!!!!! If I didn’t love Christmas & had the songs I play my own!!!!!

chris 2023-03-16 02:45:22

i love this song

Mr. Guenther Schaefer 2022-12-07 11:01:00

The best Christmas Music Selection I ever heard. I listen your music from Germany.

George Brinkop 2022-12-02 17:40:00

I liked your Christmas Time music but this year you bring in this Ambulant Chaser “Sweet James” on the radio. Shame on you letting those characters show their company name for long periods instead of Christmas Song titles. Also to many commercials. I have turned your station off. Ambulance Chasers and Christmas tunes do not fit.

Josue A 2022-12-01 16:28:00

Love their christmas music I hear it every day

John 2022-11-24 02:30:54

I'll listen to there Christmas music every day love hearing it

Sanjeev Dwivedi 2022-11-16 03:29:07

I love 99 9 fm

Yaretci 2022-11-11 02:31:09

Super disappointed this year every time I try to listen to Christmas music, the channel is on commercials. The commercial breaks are too long. I don’t remember there being that many. My son and I used to enjoy this channel on our way to school during this season but not anymore.

Elliot 2022-06-13 12:28:12

Hi there love 99.9 kez

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