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BOOST 103.7 is a Contemporary Christian radio station serving Portland, OR. Owned and operated by Gateway Creative Broadcasting.


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Guidry Family 2022-12-31 04:45:00

Found this by mistake and haven’t changed it since! How is this the first time we’ve heard this station out here in Oregon?!? Thank God for some good Christian Hip Hop for our family’s dance rides + freestyle sessions in the car! It’s spotty for us out in Wilsonville area though - so would love the service to reach greater Portland.

Mz Jackie 2022-11-01 23:53:06

Found this radio station by mistake been listening to it every sense!!!!!

Rick 2022-04-08 17:14:15

Wow!! Christian music keeping up with time. Way better beats than the mainstream. Keep it up.

Mike Barbosa 2022-03-19 23:37:05

Great stuff major supporter of moving our fellowship brothers through Christian hip hop and alternative music.
Keep it 100.
Much love.
Lord bless yall.

Owner and local brand designer
(Mustard seed mentality. )
Mike Barbosa.

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