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2023-01-05 18:01:00

Great site. Really wish the commercials didn't repeat themselves endlessly. Someone sell some more spots!! Please. We hear the same 3 commercials all day long.

2022-12-26 03:40:00

Really love the personalities on the network. Jim Rome is one of my favorite on-air radio guys.

2022-09-05 05:50:47

No glitches at all streaming live radio. I came here when I finally gave up trying to listen to this station on the Audacy app. So far couldn't be happier.

2022-04-04 01:47:05

I listen to sports radio in Birmingham, AL, WJOX. We get weekend CBS on that channel. Whomever was working yesterday afternoon and Sunday (this morning) needs more interaction or something. He goes on and on. There must be twenty "uhs" a minute. Not all his fault. It's a long session with no ads, no phone calls, no nothing but his opinion, which I won't comment on because that's not the problem.

2022-03-11 22:57:26

Love Zack Gelb and Bill Reiter. I listen to them every weekday !

2022-01-08 06:29:19


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