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Reviews (21)

Garigan 2024-01-02 12:05 AM

The herd and Odd couple are the best

Larry 2023-12-24 09:02 AM

I like the Ben Maller Monologues! I also truly enjoy the Las Vegas Gambler that covers the weekends at night. He is Terrific!

Cullen mcmullen 2023-11-24 12:35 AM


Smoo 2023-09-18 08:12 PM

Not a fan of the 3:00 voice person. He sounds aggrieved about something personal.

JerryHutchet 2023-09-11 10:51 AM

Over all, Fox sports radio is the best one out there. Lead by Ben Maller, the King of the overnight!

Harold Sullivan 2023-09-09 11:22 AM

When I was a student at Clark College, now Clark Atlanta University an HBCU. I remember the the encesent screaming and hollering emanating from Brawley Hall. I would ask why are these guys were so damn loud and passionate? I learned Brawley Hall's 4th floor housed the male athletes and these dudes were passionate about their sports opinions. In fact, I eventually recalled screaming and hollering my own sports opinions because like the others, I was equally as passionate. So as it relates to sports radio talk shows, loud banter is part of the landscape...IMO.

Derek Fuller 2023-09-06 02:21 AM

I like Jason and Mike
I also Ben Maller. The rest of your line-up is not interesting to me

Jeff 2023-06-10 03:30 AM

The Odd Couple best show on radio without a doubt. Two complete pros max respect for them.

Howard 2023-03-22 05:53 AM

Ben Mailer show is 4 hours of mindless yelling, rant s about nothing, and nothing to do about sports. Do the execs at Fox listen to this useless excuse for journalism and sports talk. Get someone good you have enough of them on air.

John 2023-03-14 04:10 PM

Jason McIntyre is a total Pro and I think more people know him than Colin makes it sound sometimes. Joy and the others were good, too, but J-Mac can really hold his own

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