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Freedom 93.7 is a Talk radio station serving Denver-Boulder, CO. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


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Reviews (7)

2023-06-16 19:25:00

I would listen more if my reception were better. 93.7FM drops out more than it comes in. The signal is either strong or it's not there. Same is true for 94.1 FM. Do they transmit from same location? Have no problem with the other FM stations. I live in Lone Tree, so I'm south.

2023-05-26 04:18:00

Intermittent transmitter issues for the last week. Is someone looking into this. I live in Thornton and it is not a weak signal issue. Carrier is present but program audio just drops out 8 to 10 seconds at a time. Numerous times throughout a program.

2023-05-06 16:11:00

Please bring back joe pags on Saturday morning And more importantly please replace Michael brown as he is painful to listen to

2023-04-27 23:34:00

Jessy Kelly is great love his show...Sean hannity is great... Micheal brown is great... Gun talk is great... Stay on the air!!!!!!!love criss on the Kelly show poor guy.

2023-04-22 19:48:00

Please replace Michael Brown on Saturday ,he is boring,repetitive and just bland and uninteresting

2022-09-30 16:55:57

I listen to 760AM continuously but the signal is not as good as I'd like. I have great FM reception but 93.7 is garbage. 93.5 is great. I'm not sure where your tower but most FM stations to my south (I'm in Fort Collins) come in very clear and strong.

2022-04-22 23:11:49

I listen to 760 am usually. Lately our am radios pick up 760 but the static and the low volume and bad reception. We live a 6th and sheridan. So I have to use my cell phone. Whats wrong with 760? Poor management?

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