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Gospel 1060 KFIT is a Gospel Music radio station serving Austin. Owned and operated by KFIT.

  • Call sign: KFIT
  • Frequency: 1060 AM
  • City of license: Lockhart, TX
  • Format: Gospel Music
  • Owner: KFIT
  • Area Served: Austin


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Reviews (8)

Thomas lee mackson.jr 2023-01-03 04:53:39

Just love hearing some of the true Voices of the lord in song.

Stacey Keys 2022-11-24 17:46:44

Love listening to Praise and War- ship during my commute.

Margaret Henry 2022-11-20 19:23:55

Can't hear the station in my car what's happening?

Thomas lee mackson.jr 2022-09-17 01:31:25

I had to find the station on line. But i have it now.

Frances Davis 2022-08-19 19:12:41

I just love this radio station. I listen to it home, car, and at work.makes me have a joyful day. While driving I don't have "road rage". I'm just blessed and calm. Praise God

Katherine 2022-04-23 12:03:51

I love this station I listen to non other radio station

Patricia Limuel 2022-02-26 14:16:53

Great Gospel Music

Robynchote 2022-01-31 00:32:26

Love this radio station

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