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HOT 91.1 WNSB is an Urban Contemporary radio station serving Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, VA. Owned and operated by Norfolk State University .


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Bet "BIG"Chance Massie Sr. Esq 2022-09-02 06:22:24

Your radio D.J. is too hot,he needs to COOL IT BIG TIME! He needs to be hot and cool. Sounding cool ain't being cool. Hot is cool and that's good. He needs balance,somebody needs to throw some chilled water on him or give him a chill pill. When ever he talks it feels like the devil in a fiery hell sending out evil spirits through the radio microphone or something. Please tell him to call, he's coming on "TOO STRONG". If do that,your radio station will really become BIG TIME some day. Thank you very much,YOU HEARD ME?

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