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KEYH (850 AM), branded as "Houston Radio Platinum", is a Classic Hits radio station serving Houston-Galveston, TX. The station is currently owned by Estrella Media.


  • Phone number: +1 281-812-8392
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Reviews (11)

Monica Lewis 2024-02-22 06:30 AM

Yes! Johnny Goyen from KYOK in Houston is my favorite. I met Johnny first at KYOK in 1966. Houstons youngest DJ at 16 years old.He was so nice to me. Gave me & my kids a tour of the radio station and 4 tickets to a great concert. Besides listening to him at KYOK, I followed him to every station thereafter. Regardless of what music Johnny played, it didn't matter. He was so much fun to hear & was so respectful & kind to every listener who called his show. After all these years, I am delighted to hear my long lost friend. God Bless You Johnny.

Jason Perez 2024-02-19 08:18 AM

Houston radio legends, Dayna Steele and Johnny Goyen together again. These two are amazing. Makes my morning starting at 6am with my favorite Johnny G then Dayna till 2. WOW! I'm a happy man.

Matt Lawson 2024-02-11 10:25 PM

Found Johnny Goyen in the morning. Great as ever & plays fantastic music. Just tracked him down him after many years. Last I heard him was while living in South Texas on KIKK 95.7FM in '96. Johnny was all over Houston radio in the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's & played all kinds of music formats. Watched his Texas Radio Hall Of Fame video induction from 2019. Searched & found him here. I listen to him on this link daily 5-10 AM weekday mornings. He's one of a kind!

Patricia M Nowlin 2024-02-02 06:07 PM

The hits are some that I have listened to over the years but the volume is very high and I have to turn it wayyyy down and its harder to hear but better.

Leanne 2024-01-23 08:42 PM

I really like your station but now I can't hear It on AM radio.

Sherry Fleming 2023-12-21 02:03 AM

My coworker played the station this last week & made us all want to leave the office. Terrible music. Christmas songs made it worse. I had to ask her what it was. She likes one of the DJs. I didn't notice a DJ. We begged her to find something else. Made for a long day.

Toby Collins 2023-12-16 07:29 AM

ZZ Top, Dolly Parton, Van Halen , Celine Dione, Helen Reddy, Bon Jovi, Kenny Rogers, Barry Manilow, Kool & Gang all together in an hour. Rock-Disco-Country. Not good listening for me.

Brandon W 2023-12-13 09:59 PM

Friend asked me to give it a listen. Too much disco & rock all mixed in. Tried it for a couple of days. Not for me.

Patricia Becker 2023-11-23 03:13 AM

These are the strangest collection of songs I've ever heard. I discovered Houston Radio Platinum on the radio 850 in Houston one day. Downloaded the app & tried it for two days. If these are "Classic Hits" they must be coming from another planet. When Christmas songs started to play it became insane. I've found much better.

Juan Sanchez 2023-11-20 08:57 AM

Listened off & on for a year or so. Lots of songs I don't know. Others too soft & others to rock for what I like. Nothing I really enjoyed that much.

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