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Jazzy 107.5 (KORL-HD3, 101.1 FM) is a Smooth Jazz radio station licensed to Honolulu, HI, and serves the Honolulu radio market. The station is currently owned by Hochman Hawaii-Three.

  • Call sign: KORL-HD3
  • Frequency: 101.1 FM
  • City of license: Honolulu, HI
  • Format: Smooth Jazz
  • Owner: Hochman Hawaii-Three
  • Area Served: Honolulu


  • Address: 900 Fort Street Mall # 450, Honolulu, HI 96813
  • Phone number: (808) 342-0065

Comments (22)

Ronnie James 2024-04-27 06:27 PM

Aloha! We love this Jazzy Jam Show on Saturday Mornings with E (8 am to 9 am) put The Zing in Your Zing Zang! and the Tang in Your Tang Tang! Boom Shaka Laka Boom!

MICHAEL GARVIN 2024-04-09 09:02 AM

Hey my friends , I just wanted to THANK YOU for playing SALTED CARAMEL ! Much love Michael Garvin

Dr Dave Chung 2024-03-10 06:42 AM

Hey I love your radio station but please for the love of all that is Holy and good in the world, please stop playing “Salted Caramel” by Michael Garvin. I cannot stand it and I have to change the station every time I hear it! Mahalo

Kaipo Alameida 2024-02-26 05:33 PM

This station is a great addition to the currently available segments on HPR1 & KTUH, neither of which air any commercials.
However, unless those who object to having to listen to ads are willing to unclench their fists and open their wallets to the extent necessary to replace such remunerations.........
Aloha - Kaipo

Marcus 2024-02-20 07:21 PM

Would be SO much better if this JAZZ station 1) did NOT have religion programming/ads - I listen to hear jazz, not to hear a sales job; and 2) played more jazz and less R&B/vocals. So much potential, so little of it realized. Sad.

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