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Jazzy 107.5 is a Smooth Jazz radio station serving Honolulu, HI. Owned and operated by Hochman Hawaii-Three.

  • Call sign: KORL-HD3
  • Frequency: 101.1 FM
  • City of license: Honolulu, HI
  • Format: Smooth Jazz
  • Owner: Hochman Hawaii-Three
  • Area Served: Honolulu, HI
  • Branding: Jazzy 107.5


  • Address: 900 Fort Street Mall # 450, Honolulu, HI 96813
  • Phone: (808) 342-0065
  • Website: hhawaiimedia.com

Reviews (10)

MKH 2023-03-30 05:01:00

Great music, don’t disappear. Would like the names of who’s the performer or band when playing their tunes. So I can get their music.

Andrew Young 2023-03-09 04:22:34

Great music

Wyatt 2023-02-06 06:06:00

GREAT jazz vibes….. Keep on keep’in on!

KennyE. 2022-09-18 18:19:41

Finally, a smooth jazz station in Hawaii!! There have been a few in the past, but they only last a few months, maybe a year. Then, see ya!!! Thank you so much for bringing smooth jazz back to the airwaves of Hawaii!!

Ken Phillips 2022-06-13 08:31:19

This is the best radio station for smooth jazz that I have heard in awhile. Great station to listen to while in Hawaii. Better than SiriusXM Watercolors. I will be streaming the station when I get back to Maryland

ford 2022-05-14 08:04:44

i am visiting from la and this is the best radio station i’ve ever heard by a country mile. had an extremely emotional moment hearing lady love me by george benson while on the H1 for the first time

Rob Holt 2022-04-08 14:52:23

You are a great smooth jazz station, and I really enjoy your music. You have to get rid of that annoying commercial at the beginning of your stream...

Keoni 2022-03-19 11:34:15

I love you guyz, and please don't disappear again! There was a short time a lil was back, where you guyz did disappear for a short time. And boy was I truly P×ssed when you did! But I'm so dang Happy Eben you came back on Thank you. A very loyal Fan of Jazzy 107.5, to ware I to plenty of my friend's an now they are loyal listeners as well.

William Melvin 2022-01-08 06:39:08

The jazzy station is fantastic. Nice to listen while in Honolulu or back home in Columbus, Ohio and in my birthplace of Philadelphia. Informing my family and friends in both places. I love your playist. I want to help you grow.l

E.H.Dixon 2021-12-29 03:34:13

The station is basically the only game in town, when it comes to jazz radio; however, they tend to be a bit redundant, and often times play music that would ordinarily be considered old school pop or "Old School" R&B. I'll admit to being a bit of a purist, having grown up in New York listening to WRVR Jazz Radio...a truly progressive jazz station. Maybe more research needs to be done, to find the latest up-and-coming jazz/crossover bands producing jazz and fusion sound.

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