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Joy 104.5 is a Contemporary Christian radio station serving Spokane, WA. Owned and operated by Growing Christian Foundation.


  • Address: 2525 E 29th Ave 10b 382, Spokane, WA 99223
  • Phone: 509-416-5356
  • Website:

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Reviews (9)

A Anderson 2023-02-09 17:52:00

Love the station. Anyways I like to listen while at work and it is difficult to lower the volume to an acceptable level. Are you able to look into another way to broadcast on computers. Good to have you all located in Newport!! :D I pray for you all. Best Regards and God bless

Nicole 2023-01-29 06:05:00

These songs take me back and fill my day with JOY! I love this station! (I’m in Spokane Valley so it can be staticky but it’s worth it, I still tune in!)

Destini 2023-01-25 05:47:00

I love turning to this station! The other two Christian radio stations only play the new songs, and while they have good songs, I love hearing songs from across the decades!

CSD 2023-01-24 01:07:00

Licensed out of Newport, yet in Newport/ Priest River area the signal cuts out A LOT. I've yet to hear a single song all the way through. I love the songs you play, and I'd love to listen regularly, but I hear mostly static. :(

Cami 2022-10-27 02:25:27

What a breath of fresh air! This station never lets me down. It makes me laugh; I enjoy the content.... completely relatable.

Joslyn 2022-10-07 00:15:55

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this station! They play the best christian music! I love hearing all the old songs that I forgot about! I love how they play all the old newsboys songs! When I’m feeling down I just go here and I’m smiling the rest of the day! I would recommend this station to everyone I meet!

Lisa 2022-08-11 01:18:37

Love your station! BUT the signal is so poor.. like the review before mine its always cutting in and out no matter the weather. This has been sad for us because we just moved and are used to having our radio on a christian station all day long to keep praise etc flowing through the home/our day...if there is any way that you all could get a stronger signal that would be AMAZING!:)

Laura Wilson 2022-08-08 19:05:50

I love your station,but there is just one problem your signal cuts out quite a bit here in Kettle Falls Washington. It can be a little irritating at times. You might want to think about boosting your signal.

Dawn 2022-07-25 19:46:50

Thankyou so very much for this radio music ministry, it uplifts the day, the attitude, and you are all appreciated and needed. Very positive and upbeat to keep our minds and hearts right, praising the Lord all the time.

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