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101.5 FM K-DAWN is a Talk radio station serving Las Vegas, NV. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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2023-10-26 21:37:00

Love all the conservative Talk Radio , but would like to hear about local elections and school issues for us voters. 50 percent of my day I listen to a conservative show out of Washington DC that talks about Loudoun county, Fairfax, County, and Washington DC local issues

2023-02-14 00:49:00

mark levin is gone, I will be gone as soon as I can find him.

2023-01-18 02:45:00

I am beyond disappointed that Steve Sanchez will be taking Mark Levins radio spot in early Feb! I do not enjoy Steve's show.

2022-12-21 13:50:00

Love u guys. You're with me most of my day.

2022-12-09 01:59:00

I was listening to a podcast of somebody talking about the Calhouns mouse Utopia theory. It was very interesting. I wish I knew how to find that conversation. Good station

2021-12-31 17:38:53

please keep Markley Vancamp and Robbins.
Get rid of Brian Shaperio And NAACP sidekick.

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