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KFI (640 AM) is a News/Talk radio station serving Los Angeles, CA. The station is currently owned by iHeartMedia.


  • Address: 3400 W Olive Ave #500, Burbank, CA 91505
  • Phone number: (818) 559-2252 / (800) 520-1534
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Reviews (62)

2024-02-20 21:20:00

Dear John Kobylt--

I'm listening to your program now (2/20/24 1:18); you're discussing what's called a "diet" the relining of the public street. It has been a long time since I've heard a public person be so on the "right side" of an issue. These relining schemes have made the streets hideous and a safety hazard to drive. Please continue to discuss this matter.

J Taylor

2024-01-22 02:25:00

Really enjoy your station!! All The people who work for you are fantastic
I am a long haul truck driver ( age 70) just retired after 53 years on the road.Many miles your channel has kept me a going.
Am home (Stanhope ,Iowa ,still listening online!!
Keep up the good work.
Best regards!
Gary Green

2023-12-20 06:11:00

Have always loved John and Ken and Gary & Shannon, please boot Mo and Tim is on the wall, Ding Dong.

2023-12-04 22:19:00

What's with all the commercials? The commercials get longer and longer and the programs get shorter and shorter. I know commercials pay the bill for the people on the radio but this is ridiculous. Trying to watch TV at night is even more ridiculous. The commercials on TV are from drug companies pushing their product. I don't care about people's erection problems I don't care that woman poo just like men One more commercial about depression and I'll shoot myself.

2023-11-01 08:30:00

Used to look forward to The Conservative Circus James T.
Since Producer Aaron joined, it’s like listening to two juveniles. I no longer enjoy and rarely listen. Aaron needs to go back to Producing. So sick of his screeching loud voice.

2023-10-12 00:57:00

Tim Conway IS annoying at times! When he raises his voice or says "Ding Dong". He's not funny as he thinks he is. He has to depend on Belio, Kroger, or guest Mark Thompson to make his show interesting. I've had to turn off station when he sells a product or he raises his voice thinking he's funny.....not.

2023-09-05 14:13:00

It would be 5 stars if it weren't for Shannon's really lame Tommy John commercials. So bad and not funny.

2023-08-27 05:28:00

I love Bill Handel. He is so smart &
Informative. Listened to him over
20 years.
A true Handelite!

2023-08-19 20:06:00

I have been listening to KFI since 1988. My favorite host has always been Bill Handel, he is informative and funny, I especially enjoy his in depth coverage of news items. My favorite time was the 90's when Rush Limbaugh and Tom Leykis were on the air. Leo the tech guy was great and I was sorry to see him go, I am gradually getting used to the new guy. I listen to KFI every day, great station with something for everyone.

2023-07-20 08:12:00

If Doug Mcintyre wants to get back into radio,get him on board and get rid of Conway!

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