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KNX 1070 NewsRadio is an News radio station serving Los Angeles. Owned and operated by Audacy.


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Reviews (10)

kim nance 2022-09-02 16:29:36

knx is available in am 1070 and fm 97.1 , the best news radio

John 2022-06-25 20:58:48

Started listening to KNX at night when I was a kid in the mid 70’s. The old radio shows at 8 or 9 pm were fun to listen to before bed. Now I’m in my 50’s, I keep it on all night through Alexa…. A permanent fan!

Jim 2022-05-07 22:27:26

I grew up in southern California and then lived in Hawaii for 50 years. While in Hawaii I was able to pick up KNX on my car radio on parts of the island at night. Later I began listening to KNX via the Internet which was available 24/7. The local coverage as well as the local commercials made me feel connected to my southern California roots.
Recently I moved to Missouri and listened to KNX today for probably the first time since I arrived. I hate to sound nitpicky but I found it very disturbing to hear commercials generated in Missouri. I listen to KNX to be connected to my southern California roots and hearing local commercials detracts from that. I can listen to a local news station if I want to hear commercials advertising businesses and products exclusive to Missouri. When I listen to KNX I expect to be able to feel close to home via the local news, traffic and even the commercials. I was hearing the LA based commercials in Hawaii. Why not in Missouri?

Vickie Doss 2022-03-28 20:11:03

I lived in Los Angeles over 50 years listening to KNX. Now that I moved to the East Coast, I still listen to KNX.

Luis Depaz 2022-03-02 09:38:12

I lived in Los Angeles til 1992 now i live in Miami florida and i listen to Knx via the internet love the Station

Ceci Van 2022-01-31 14:54:32

Seasoned pros...
A cut above...
All the rest !

donald mcdowell 2022-01-18 06:06:23

ive been listening to knx 1070 news for better than 50 years yall are doing a great job on the news sports and trafficweather as well 1-17-2022

Andre G 2022-01-13 01:44:19

Old school news

William 2022-01-09 19:47:51

very good news, all the newsreaders are great...even the ADS are good...I listen in my car and at work on my breaks...breaking news and special announces always helpful

Mark Onraet 2022-01-06 04:03:05

Thank you I listen all the time keep up the good work

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