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KORL-FM (101.1 FM), branded as "Oldies 101.1", is a Oldies radio station serving Honolulu, HI. The station is currently owned by Hochman Hawaii-Three.

  • Call Letters: KORL-FM
  • Frequency: 101.1 FM
  • City of license: Waianae, HI
  • Format: Oldies
  • Owner: Hochman Hawaii-Three
  • Area Served: Honolulu, HI


  • Address: 900 Fort Street Mall # 450, Honolulu, HI 96813
  • Phone number: (808) 342-0065

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Reviews (10)

Michael Wong 2024-01-16 11:46 PM

Ever since they changed the format this year from Oldies to whatever they call it now, It sucks. They seemed to have advanced a decade or 2 to music I don't enjoy. You may as well listen to 107.9.

Pamela Shewell 2023-12-20 08:57 PM

This was the ONLY station I listened to until you changed your format to "classics." A lot of that music I don't want to hear. Go back to oldies. You are now the same as 107.9 and 96.3 and I don't listen to them either. I've gone to KSSK for Christmas and after that, I will use streaming or USB. You lost a listener.

Ken Witek 2023-11-07 10:17 PM

You should sprinkle in some songs from the 50s once in a while

Dale Wright 2023-07-12 10:07 AM

Being a boomer guitarist playing in bands over 50 years, I love listening to your oldies format. However, especially within the last year or more, the signal has really become compromised. I live in Hawaii Kai and thought maybe it is because of the mountains’ interference and because we are so far away from the transmitter. But I even experience it in town. It’s like the songs have delays in them, or echos. But it is really disturbing and makes your station almost unlistenable. Have no other listeners reported this phenomenon? Of course there are also times when the station just goes off the air, or static prevents being able to listen to the music all together. And then there are the inane commercials you run ad nauseum. As soon as I hear these chicks talking about how much the price of gas is, and how they can get cash back on whatever product they are hawking, I immediately turn off the radio. I listen to 101.1 exclusively on my car radio. I know you have to have commercials of course, but can’t your marketing team vary your sponsors more?

Clarence Fung 2023-05-13 02:00 AM

There is nothing better than the big band, swing and rock-n-roll (30's to early 70's). Disco sucks as usual, not a metal head, or hard rocker. Classic and rock-n-roll is and always shall be the S_ _ _!!!

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