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KTalk 1640 (KBJA, 1640 AM) is a Talk radio station licensed to Sandy, UT, and serves the Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo radio market. The station is currently owned by United Broadcasting Company.


  • Address: 141 E 5600 S, Murray, UT 84107
  • Phone number: 801-253-4883
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Reviews (17)

Tom 2024-03-06 02:41 PM

Today is Monday march 6th. I went to 1640 on The Am, hoping to listen to my radio chiropractor, Jack Stockwell. Instead of my radio chiropractor,, I'm listening to Bob Martinez! I like Bob!But where is my radio chiropractor!!? Then miracle: a 7:33 hours jack bumps Bob! Then Handel's Halleluja chorus starts playing on my brain turn table,and all is forgiven!

Wade 2023-12-22 03:24 PM

The topics that are discussed are too important and are not heard anywhere else for the quality of the broadcast. Good hell it's annoying! Taking calls is great, but the hosts stop what they are doing to take incoming calls, of which, WE CAN HEAR THE RINGING OVER THE VOICE OF THE HOST!! Why??? It's so annoying! I know you can fix these issue easily. I can help. Please let me!!

Thomas moore 2023-11-07 10:52 AM

I think one of the best things is ASA radio in the wee hours of the morning. The fact that he takes call from people suffering the same health as the general population is very much on point. Plus Dr. Asa seems to be a waking encyclopedia of cutting edge nutrition topics. He also portrays a enmphathy in his voice. Cifo to whoever found this guy and had the wisdom to make him part of the programming schedule!

Tom 2023-08-23 04:52 PM

I can tolerate most of the clutches as enumerated by some other listeners Jason Bishop. But one thing that is particularly annoying, is the sound of incoming phone calls being broadcast on the air. Surely this isn't necessary . Surely it can't be that difficult to correct. Perhaps a flashing lite to alert the host of incoming callls? I'm still listening (since 1974).thank you !

Cozette Wallace 2023-03-15 02:42 PM

Love your show!!!

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