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KYW Newsradio (KYW, 1060 AM) is an All News radio station licensed to Philadelphia, PA, and serves the Philadelphia radio market. The station is currently owned by Audacy.


  • Address: 1555 Hamilton St 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19130
  • Phone number: (215) 238-7600
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Reviews (13)

Kenneth 2024-02-09 02:31 AM

If the stock market announcers from Bloomberg (?) are unwilling or simply too lazy to give the actual POINTS that the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P are up or down, then please get someone to replace them, especially Andrew O'Dea. Expecting people to calculate a "fraction of a percentage" which tells you NOTHING is just plain laziness!

John 2024-01-05 02:03 PM

Loyal kyw listener.i get tired of so many ads for cancer test.and different medicine.feels like a medical channel not a news depressing.

Rich mccormick 2023-12-30 03:44 PM

Great station listening since it went on air lil kid love the jokes makes me laugh ty

Get rid of all republicants 2023-09-23 07:44 PM

Too many goddamn ads commercials and not enough news. 1-2 min news and 10-15min ads and no more sports Phillies eagles games and no more weather not time kor traffic updates as used to be ever 10-15yrs ago. Too much corporate stuff greed arrogance ads etc.
People not profits nor money sucking patronizing arrogant inhumane trash. FU republicants you're all fascists no different from Nazis 1930s! Was better before monopolistic corporations and Republicants and the rich ruined it over 15yrs ago!!!

Inel Friend 2023-09-11 12:12 PM

Great station been listening for 55 plus the news coverage and you always kept me on schedule by giving the Time...still listening but now from New England for keeping up with Philly updates. Keep doing great job for the community!

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