Lone Star 92.5

Classic Rock for Dallas-Fort Worth

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300 66

Lone Star 92.5 is a Classic Rock radio station serving Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


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Reviews (18)

2023-05-25 18:54:00

Stephanie's not over here, but please play. One way out. By the Allman Brothers

2023-05-01 19:31:34

the best music.

2023-03-21 12:16:00

Love you guys! Your my.... Get-up, wake-up dose for the day and you always get my chuckle going. Please keep the "Great Vibes" going and don't retire anytime soon.

2023-03-09 07:37:16

Love lonestar 92.5

2023-02-18 09:37:00

I listen avidly from Lancater, England. Wow, what a brilliant radio station. Fab!

2023-02-05 07:41:00

I love the music and dims.

2023-01-22 17:40:27

My Girl/Wife is in Dallas. I'm in LaGrange, Indiana!!!! [northeast corner of state, North of Ft. Wayne]
I Love thinking we're listening to the same station together. It's like both looking at the same moon on those lonely nights. Thanks for being around

2022-12-24 03:37:00

Horrible playlist. They don’t even play one of the best rock bands from the 70s and early 80s. Ridiculously bad radio station.

2022-12-10 00:23:00

I've been around since Q102. These guys are Awesome

2022-11-24 14:07:50

The best rock and roll and guys and gals on radio

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