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2022-07-06 21:41:05

Programs vary by 'producer' and would prefer a guide or 'map' to their preferences.

On the other mode, would be a set time slot i.e. musicals, classics.

My mom and I would listen to Milton Cross and the Texaco classical music show every saturday morning in New York where I grew up. She played the organ at her Convent; my dad tried play classical guitar on his Martin but always went to C&W. My sister 'played' an accordian and her teacher preferred polkas. So I retreated to my shortwave radio.

Live a few blocks from Bowdoin so I can walk over and listen to rehersals for free.

2022-04-01 15:45:06

love the station and the music it plays. i can almost say that on certain days i am listening for 24 hours a day.

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