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WEGO is a Oldies radio station serving Charlotte. Owned and operated by 2B Productions.

  • Station name: Memories 98.3
  • Call sign: WEGO
  • Frequency: 1410 AM
  • City of license: Concord, NC
  • Format: Oldies
  • Owner: 2B Productions
  • Area Served: Charlotte


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Memories 98.3 Reviews (3)

Ellen 2022-03-29 14:34:24

Love your station, still having slight issue with timing. Weather guy can't finish talking before he gets talked over. Overall you cleaned up other problems and its a joy to listen to. Love Charlie Brown on Saturday.

Ellen 2022-01-25 16:16:39

I'm still loving your station. But you still have an annoying problem with program timing. As the song is playing now the weather guy is talking over sobg, or taco commercial talks while song is on or your branding is talking over song. Does anyone at the station hear this or can't figure out how to properly time things? Hire people that are experienced. Ill give it 5 stars when you work out issues.

Ellen 2022-01-01 17:44:34

Love love 98.3. However, your programming person might work at letting announcer finish what they are saying before they cut to commercial. They are talking about something I'm waiting to hear end of story, punch line, important info, or whatever, then he gets cut off for commercial. Do a better job. Its annoying.

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