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News-Talk 1380 WAOK is a News/Talk radio station serving Atlanta, GA. Owned and operated by Audacy.


  • Address: 1201 Peachtree St NE #800, Atlanta, GA 30309
  • Phone number: (404) 898-8900 / (404) 892-2703
  • Website:

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Reviews (10)

2023-12-04 12:46:00

Was in Kennesaw about 6yrs ago listening to talk radio and thought there has to be an alternative to what I’m listening to now starting scrolling hit upon WAOK and I’m now keeping it REAL Dr.R,Bro.D. Sis.J.

2023-10-31 18:04:00

Thank you for keeping me updated with our African American issues

2023-09-11 21:09:00

The Too Much Truth radio Segment is the Best Talk Show on Radio in the World ! Derrick Boazman is a true Blessing for this community. His in site, commentary and political acumen is unmatched. He can speak eloquently on topics important to Atlanta, To Georgia, Nationally and Internationally. My Radio is set on 1380 am and stays on during his time every day. Thank you WAOK we appreciate you !

2023-04-12 17:42:00

Great program, Derek sounds like he cares about the people. I have some stories I would like to share as well.

2023-03-16 11:27:00

Love ,love the station been listening for over 15yrs.I have learnt more about politics, history/Ourstory, health,music, art religion and current events than any other platform. After Derrick show my life goes on hold until the next mornigs replay.

2022-11-15 14:23:03

Best thing I've found on the radio. Chicago has WVON, ATL has WAOK!!! LOVE IT!!

2022-08-19 14:04:00

I have enjoyed this station for aloooong time.That said it all.

2022-05-06 13:13:23

Great station

2022-01-20 19:26:35


2022-01-05 15:08:28

I love the programming with the exception of the sports programming that comes on after Derek Bozeman. Please go back to the daytime program replays for your evening lineup. Sports programming is ubiquitous already. IT'S OUT OF PLACE ON WAOK!

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