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Newsradio WTAM 1100 is a News/Talk radio station serving Cleveland, OH. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia.


  • Address: 6200 Oak Tree Blvd 4th floor, Independence, OH 44131
  • Phone number: 216-520-2600 / 888-723-9826
  • Website:

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Reviews (19)

2023-11-14 18:09:00

I can't believe you couldn't find a native Clevelander for Triv's slot, and his replacement's show name makes me change the channel every time I hear it. It's like a frathouse nickname that never should have stuck in the first place.

And until Jimmy Malone stops advertising for FanDuel, I'll stop supporting my once-favorite station.

IHeartMedia is destroying radio coast-to-coast.

2023-03-10 14:21:00

i love wills and sndyer glenn beck clay and buck and bloomdaddy and triv i love hammy i met tim alcorn and mike snyder but bring back 1 hour of beck cant stand jimmy malone.

2022-11-03 04:30:41

I live in Pittsburgh but have listened to WTAM a lot over the years to listen to the closest NBA team: The Cavs.

2022-10-18 21:59:00

Father was from Ohio. We were raised with Cleveland in our blood and there is no other way to listen to baseball games then tuning into 1100 with Hammy. We might be Upstate NYers but we are Cleveland at heart born and raised!

2022-10-02 02:19:39

I live way up north in the UP now. Love listening to Cleveland baseball on the radio!

2022-09-24 00:16:58

I couldn’t afford cable to watch the Guardians so before every game I look up a picture of the field that they’re at and sit back and listen to Tom and Jim’s commentary and play-by-play. I think I have the better deal!

2022-09-17 19:02:35

I'm in Toledo and usually listen to the Guards on 1370 am but sometimes they don't have the game on (like today's 9/17 crucial double header) or the game doesn't come on until the 2nd or 3rd inning! And they don't carry the Browns. So streaming WTAM is essential for me. Thanx.

2022-09-09 20:52:42

You are the only radio station I Listen to. However, you should do some research before you make fun of Queen Elizabeth 11.
You were way off base today.

2022-08-24 21:54:19

Love listening to the Guardians using this app. It's the new transistor radio for me!

2022-08-23 17:00:50

The Jimmy Malone Show is bad. Very Bad! I love Jimmy Malone but cannot stand his goofy, meaningless, boring radio show. He needs new writers or producers. There is nothing of any importance and very little relevance. Sorry, Not a fan.

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