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NewsTalk 98.7 (WOKI, 98.7 FM) is a News/Talk radio station licensed to Oliver Springs, TN, and serves the Knoxville radio market. The station is currently owned by Cumulus Media.


  • Address: 4711 Old Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37919
  • Phone number: 865-588-6511
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Reviews (8)

Chicago Keven 2024-05-29 02:55 PM

The rest gets.........4☆☆☆☆
HHH.....was better 3.5☆☆☆
But he blows his "I'm too good for tractor supply jeans" too often.

David Henry 2024-01-11 08:17 PM

I agree with Mr. Henegar. HHH wastes too much precious air time humming and babbling nonsense with Chris-it's always 35 minutes before he finishes his BS banter. And still---2/3 of his show is ads and promos. LeQuire also nailed it.....for someone so self-professed a deep thinker and profound, most of HHH's show is nonsense or him laughing with buffoons about nothing. He is his own biggest hero.
Phil is even worse----I swear folks: start timing him and see how long it takes before he mentions toilet humor, stained underwear, sex, stupid fools or sexual innuendo. Lecherous and a buffoon also, he is still as mindless as he was on WIMZ....and who cares about his golf game.
Whomever is letting WOKI become mindless banter signifying nothing should be fired.
Of course, this will never make the comment page.

William Henegar 2023-12-02 05:26 PM

Love HHH,but wish he would give up the AKA junk. He's much too educated to revert to this junk. His TV program is okay (Anything is possible). Wish Hal & Phil were back to where they used to be (reversed). Love the Yarbrough show.

Janet R Brewer 2023-10-15 12:59 PM

You really need to keep this station in good working order, especially when broadcasting the Titans. Right now, October 15, 2023, at 8:50am, it is just barely coming in! Get it together!

John Marklund 2023-10-03 03:06 PM

Love the morning shows (6am-noon): informative & fun. Noon to 7pm is BLAH.
The triple H dude would be better suited midnight-6am shift….. he is self absorbed and therefore BORING.
Weekend programming is nothing to write home about. The On The House on Saturday morning is pretty good!

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